Pico VM

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What’s this?

Pico VM is a small VM I’m writing to learn some more about interpreters and VMs. Why is it called Pico VM? Because it’s a really small and limited VM… Please note that this project is still very new and things will break, and documentation (what you’re reading right now) will probably be out of date. For the most up to date information, refer to the comments in the code, or the readme included with the code.


You need clang and GNU Make to build Pico VM. If you have clang and GNU Make, you can simply use git clone to clone it, and use the make command to build it.


Pico VM is licensed under the MIT license - see the attached license for details.


Pico VM is based on or inspired by:

Source Code

Easy one-click link to the repo because it’s easier this way.